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Yuri Medianik and Emotion-orchestrа is a new trend in Moscow concert life. Since the day when the ensemble was founded, Yuri Medianik’s efforts have been next to impossible: after his first appearance with Emotion-orchestrа in the Grand Hall of Moscow Conservatory, at the same concert with Yuri Bashmet and Daniel Kramer, he featured in more than 20 philharmonic halls of Russia during a season. The peculiarity of Yuri Medianik & Emotion-orchestra project is in their own, fundamentally new ‘vision’ of compositions combined with transcriptions made by them. The repertoire embraces music across genres — from tango to jazz and French waltz that are most popular nowadays.

Emotion-orchestra performs in Tchaikovsky Hall, widely participates in Moscow Festivals (City Day 2007, 2008; Nobility Seasons), takes part in Museums at Night project launched by the Government of Moscow.

Nowadays, the concerts of Yuri Medianik & Emotion-orchestra project were attended by more than 300,000 people in 50 cities and towns of Russia.

Yuri Medianik – bayan, bandoneon
Sergey Pospelov – violin
Alexey Korbanov – guitar
Oleg Trusov – contrabass